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David T.

“Sherry is an awesome instructor."

Regina G.

"This class way exceeded my expectations! I learned more than I thought possible. Sherry made everything easy to understand, but more importantly, she puts everyone at ease. I absolutely would recommend this class."

Susan K.

Catoosa, OK

"Awesome class! Very informative and patient with everyones' questions."

Julia S.

Muskogee, OK

"Sherry is a great teacher. She makes the class fun and safe!"

Judy B.

"Sherry is extremely knowledgeable and is great to learn from! The class is great! This is great for a beginner.

October 15, 2022: When I first came to Oklahoma in April of 2020 it was strongly
suggested that I purchase a gun. I hadn’t even held a gun for 30 years. After a year
here I decided I would do just that and I went to Academy Sports and
purchased a Smith and Wesson EZ .380. It was small and seemed easy to hold. I
was given a card of an instructor and I called her up having heard nothing but
praises from the man. Long story short it was the best advice and testimonial I
had ever been given. Sherry took me through the basic gun course, and I was
comfortable with the overall process, confident in how to handle my firearm
safely but accurately and able to exit class with a newfound confidence. With a
job change I wandered back into the security field and decided to become an
armed officer. Range day was a stressful day of the range instructor yelling at us
and guns blaring. I never wanted to be in a group of people shooting again. Later
when invited to attend the Women's shoot group I was leery but went. Sherry was
such a great support and confidence builder it seemed right. It was wonderful! I
had moved up to a 9mm as my service weapon, she always encouraged all of us in
our progress. So, when I needed to take the SDA class it was a no brainer to go
back to her. I have met many instructors of many topics and this woman is top of
the line. I consider her a subject matter expert who imparts that knowledge in a
confident, timely and enjoyable manner. Especially for women, but even men
who take her classes improve, learn, and build confidence. The Women’s group is
such a joy to attend, and the seminars held are always timely and informative.
Sherry’s smile and confident demeaner adds to every aspect of what she does. It
is highly contagious, and I highly recommend attending any class or event she is
part of.
N.C. - Security Officer - Tulsa, Oklahoma

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