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Why am I so passionate about teaching people how to shoot a firearm, the safety rules a gun owner must know and obey, and the Oklahoma law that dictates what we can and cannot do regarding our firearms?
Because crime has no address: it’s everywhere. And, because the majority of violent crime victims are women, I make teaching women how to defend themselves a priority. I teach women what to look for when purchasing their first firearm, I train women how to use their firearm, and I encourage them to get their gun permit and seek more training. (Women are now 29.2% of the permit holders in this country, according to Crime Prevention Research.) I also encourage women to join and support their local gun clubs and practice target shooting a minimum of twice a month. We all know the police cannot be everywhere. It is up to us to defend ourselves and to be able to defend our loved ones. If you are considering purchasing a gun, put some research and money into the purchase and get a quality firearm. And then seek quality training. I’ve heard people talk about the cost of training, trying to convince themselves that just having a gun is enough in case of a critical incident. Don’t fool yourself: it isn’t. That’s why I teach basic handgun training and safety. After all, your life might depend on your gun, your training and facing the fact that the violent crimes you hear about didn’t happen “out there” in the wild, wild west. They’re happening in your city and mine—in your neighborhood and mine. As a female instructor, I have patience and compassion for women who have never shot a firearm and yet want to learn. I invite you to have a “student mindset,” to come learn how to be prepared, rather than scared. I’ve always said, “More Women Armed; Fewer Women Harmed.”
Sherry Strong

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